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LG Says Lack Of LTE In Nexus 4 Due To Leftover Chip Technology

Note: This article has been cross-posted on TmoNews.  With the sudden discovery that LTE on the Nexus 4 “can work” on the AWS band with a minimum of work, LG is taking to the press to officially discuss the lack of the feature. In fact, LG’s reasoning is pretty much exactly what we expected, the Nexus 4 has leftover chip technology from the LG… Read more

New Supplier Report Indicates ASUS Could Ship More Than Five Million Nexus 7 Tablets This Year

While ASUS has already estimated that Nexus 7 tablet shipments were approaching the magical one million units shipped number for the month of October, it’s a new supplier report that really has our attention. According to Digitimes, ASUS suppliers report that the company will ship upwards of five million Nexus 7 units during the course of 2012. For… Read more

Google’s Play Store Nexus 7 HSPA+ Model Now Sold Out

Our attention has undoubtedly been focused on the release of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, but the Nexus 7 HSPA+ model jumps back into the news as it sells out. The device held on for about a day and a half before that “SOLD OUT” message appeared on the screen. The Wi-Fi models are still available in the 16GB and 32GB variety, but those of you looking to… Read more

Google’s Nexus 4 Has No LTE, Here’s Why

The Nexus 4 is a very impressive device with a high end spec list. But when it comes to connectivity, it tops out at HSPA+. There is no LTE chip in this bad boy, and Google has given us its reasoning. Whether it’s valid is up to you, dear readers. Read on. Google wants to build one universal device to run on most networks. Of course, they’re limiting… Read more

T-Mobile Is The Premier Nexus 4 Partner, Will Also Have 3G Nexus 7

Today, T-Mobile announced some fantastic news for its customers. Usually, T-Mo is known for being the budget carrier with the low/mid range phone lineup. However, they seem to have gone back to their roots with this one: They will be the “premier partner with Google for the Nexus 4.” Takes you back to the days where the G1 was on T-Mobile, huh? The… Read more

HTC Era 42 For T-Mobile Will Be One X+

The HTC Era 42, a phone headed to T-Mobile, has been confirmed to be the HTC One X+. The + in the One X+ probably signifies the chip inside, the Tegra 3 plus. It will be clocked at 1.7 GHz and probably contain their new dedicated modem for HSPA+ 42. This lines up with an old rumor that the HTC One X would be launching on T-Mobile. HTC has only had a… Read more