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LG myTouch and myTouch Q officially announced by T-Mobile

After some rumors and speculation, it looks like T-Mobile USA is ready to officially announce two new devices to the myTouch lineage. Both manufactured by LG, the devices are both meant to land in time for the holiday shopping season, and feature specs that won’t send anyone into ecstatic convulsions, but they shouldn’t disappoint someone looking to get… Read more

Samsung Infuse review

The Samsung Infuse 4G is available from AT&T for $199.99 on contract and $549.99 without commitment. Pros: Elegant body, glorious Super AMOLED Plus display, plenty of processing power, takes great stills and video, 1,700mAh battery offers sufficient life, AT&T’s first 21Mbps HSPA+ device. Cons: There are very few cons to mention. Those that do… Read more

T-Mobile’s 2011 lineup leaks, Android devices galore

One would think that with the ongoing procedures paving the way for T-Mobile to be swallowed by AT&T, the company would show more signs of slowing down. Network build-out for the magenta carrier may be at a standstill, but if a leaked 2011 product lineup from This is my next still holds any weight, it would appear that the T-Mobile train certainly isn’t… Read more

Samsung Infuse 4G: first impressions

We generally like to introduce a new device in our arsenal with a video unboxing and then follow up with photo/video samples, a full, written review, and possibly some Q&A vids. But we don’t want to hold out on content while taking care of some glitches in our video editing department, so here is our first still photo unboxing and first impressions… Read more

Samsung Sidekick 4G review

Samsung Sidekick 4G for T-Mobile – Comes in Matte Black or Perl Magenta Pros: Custom UI is full of tasteful color and is easily changed, hardware keyboard is a breeze to type on for long periods of time, the SK form factor has given way to a much more pocketable design, special bundled apps. Cons: Lacks some buttons, key combos, and other… Read more

Samsung Infuse 4G priced by Walmart

The Samsung Infuse 4G, equipped with AT&T’s “4G” network, was spotted in a Walmart circular recently, complete with a price-tag and general release time frame. According to the ad, Walmart should be carrying the handset sometime in May, at a rather fair price: $178.88. Seeing a single-core Samsung device for under $200 on contract certainly feels… Read more

HTC Inspire 4G cleared by the FCC to enable HSUPA

If you were quick to pick up one of AT&T’s 4G devices, like HTC’s Inspire 4G, then you probably realized pretty quickly that that 4G label isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. At least not right now, with the fact that HSUPA is currently disabled on the device. But, AT&T has come clean on their 4G devices, saying that in the (near?) future these 4G beasts… Read more

HTC Inspire 4G lacking HSUPA?

UPDATE: Engadget says that HSUPA has been disabled in the firmware. Stay tuned, this is going to get interesting. End update. Ready for your cellular network lesson of the day? HSPA is broken down into two parts: There’s HSDPA, which is used for download, and HSUPA, which is used for upload. In order for a device to fully utilize HSPA, you… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4G coming to T-Mobile February 23rd

I wouldn’t blame you if you were to tell me you totally forgot this device even existed after the introduction of the Galaxy S II and Tab 10.1, but nonetheless, here it is. The T-Mobile exclusive Samsung Galaxy S 4G, made official some two times already, has finally landed a solid release date: February 23rd. Just in case you really have forgotten,… Read more

Inspire 4G will be available February 13th

The HTC Inspire 4G was announced in true press release fashion today. The device is going to launch on February 13th for only $99.99 after a new two-year contract. In case you need a quick refresher, the HTC Inspire 4G comes in with a 4.3″ S-LCD display, 8MP camera, 1 GHz processor, Dolby® Mobile and SRS WOW HD sound, and Android 2.2. Software… Read more