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Vibrant 4G snaps show colored battery cover…not much else

We knew that Samsung’s upcoming Vibrant 4G was little more than a remix of the original Vibrant, with the Korean OEM tossing in HSPA+ support and a front-facing camera (no more need for risky hacks or mirrors). And it’s cool to see a little dash of flavor on top by way of this gradient silver battery cover. But it would be great to see an extra tweak or… Read more

Dell Streak 7 set to release February 2nd?

Our good friends over at TmoNews have got their hands on some leaked insider information regarding the Dell Streak 7 today – It looks like Dell’s newest tablet will launch February 2nd on T-Mobile. We don’t have a whole lot to go on as far as specs and pricing is related, but we do know the Streak 7 will feature a 7-inch screen and that the device is… Read more

Register with T-Mobile for G-Slate updates

T-Mobile has revealed a product updates page for their forthcoming Honeycomb tablet, LG’s G-Slate. Drop in your name, email, and check a couple of boxes, and you’ll be set to receive email updates when more information about the G-Slate is available. I’m guessing that T-Mobile customers, as per the standard, will get dibs on pre-orders and then first… Read more

Samsung Vibrant 4G breaks the 14.4Mbps barrier at T-Mobile

David from TMoNews recently got a nice leak from an internal T-Mobile system depicting training slides for the upcoming release of the Vibrant 4G, a Samsung Galaxy S device that features a few bumps over the original Vibrant. The Vibrant 4G ships with Android 2.2, front-facing cam w/ Qik, the movie Inception…oh, and HSPA+ speeds of over 21Mbps. T-Mobile’s… Read more

CES: ATT will get HTC’s new Sense UI via the Inspire 4G

If you’ve been waiting for HTC’s new Sense UI to come to the States, along with it’s support for HTCSense.com and HTC Hub, your time has come. Well, almost. AT&T declared today that they are planning on introducing a dozen new Androids this year. Yowza! The tweet featured CES tags, but I doubt we’ll be hearing about twelve new Androids from AT&T this… Read more

T-Mobile has HSPA+ 4G tablets in the works

In a press release being handed out by T-Mobile today, the company is letting everyone know that come 2011, 4G will be going strong and they’ll have the tablets to prove it. While the operating system on said tablets has yet to be discussed (it’s highly anticipated to be Android), the official statement on the matter is as follows: “T-Mobile is… Read more

T-Mobile’s HSPA+: the phantom network

In my ongoing struggle to achieve 4G speeds on my T-Mobile G2, I’ve found that the one speed-mitigating factor that I could not eliminate from my tests was the potential connection to a lesser network. It should be pretty easy to determine whether I’m connected via T-Mobile’s 2G, EDGE; the early 3G technology UMTS; T-Mobile’s standard 3G product, HSPA, or… Read more

The Saturday Wrap: 10/23/2010

To subscribe to the DroidDog Saturday Wrap, click here. Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you. Welcome to another edition of the Saturday Wrap where today we’ll be talking about Tabs, Touches, TVs, and tweaks. Also: we wanna hear from you. Find out how to speak up, and make your voice heard. Hardware… Read more