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HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Sensation 4G and other devices headed for End of Life status with T-Mobile

No matter how high profile a device is, or even how recently a commercial may have marketed it, there’s always a time when a device will be making the inexorable appearance on an end of life (EoL) list for a carrier. It looks like T-Mobile USA is getting ready to list plenty of handsets for their EoL status, and some names on the list may surprise… Read more

HTC Amaze for Videotron now available

We’ve seen the HTC Amaze pop up on carrier’s in the Great North over the last couple of weeks, and now it looks like yet another carrier is getting their chance to bring the high-end HTC-manufactured device to its subscribers. The Amaze is currently available on Videotron’s network, with a subsidized pricing of $129.95. To get that pricing, though,… Read more

HTC Amaze 4G hits WIND December 2nd

WIND will be getting a new heavy-hitting smartphone to add to their lineup. The HTC Amaze 4G sports Android OS 2.3, but is on the shortlist of HTC phones that are slated to receive the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Besides having the obvious advantage of sporting a 4G antenna, it brings to the table a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, an 8.0 MP camera that… Read more

HTC Amaze 4G heading to TELUS soon

While most of the clamoring for the HTC Amaze 4G was due to its high-profile status, along with its future relationship with T-Mobile here in the US, it looks like HTC is still keeping its eye on the international market. TELUS has just revealed that the device will be heading to their network soon. At the moment there’s not much to go on, but the device… Read more