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HTC Rhyme officially announced

While the device in question has been running around the Internet as the HTC Bliss for a few months now, the manufacturer has finally decided to pull the curtain off their brand new, accessory-focused device, and have changed the name. It’s now known as HTC Rhyme, and just as we’ve heard in the past, it is indeed coming to Verizon here soon. It will also be… Read more

HTC Bliss and HTC Runnymede specifications detailed

So while HTC is keeping mum on the fact that the HTC Bliss and Runnymede are coming sometime soon, that hasn’t stopped someone from getting their hands on the specifications for both devices, and letting them loose on the Internet. While the Runnymede specifications are something we just went over yesterday along with the device’s first press renders that… Read more

HTC Bliss poses for a quick shot from Blurrycam

The HTC Bliss isn’t one device that’s talked about all that much, but it’s still coming. The question about whether or not you believe HTC should be targeting a specific gender with a device like this is the real talking point, and plenty of people are talking about it. However, without many real details circling around, there isn’t much else to talk about…. Read more

HTC testing a new handset designed just for women

Just the thought of a phone manufacturer designing an Android handset just for women is strange, and according to This Is My Next, that’s exactly what HTC is doing. Making its way through study groups right now, the HTC Bliss is a calming green Android handset for Verizon that comes preloaded with software targeting women — shopping apps, calorie… Read more