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HTC releases an updated Ice Cream Sandwich update list

As per usual, another company has come forward and released yet another list of devices that will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. This isn’t HTC’s first time, either. The manufacturer is certainly trying to keep everyone informed as to which devices will be upgraded to the latest version of Android. You can check out the full list below. DROID… Read more

Desire HD up first for Sensation ports

Just yesterday, we brought you the good news that an HTC Sensation test ROM had leaked out, which meant that Sense 3.0 ports should start rolling out soon. Well it may not be fully functioning, but a port has already made its way onto the Desire HD. Known problems with the port include a malfunctioning Camera/Camcorder, broken Friendstream widget,… Read more

HTC Desire HD promotional video

HTC has posted a lengthy (7 minutes +) promotional video for their recently announced Desire HD that approaches the device from a practical perspective, demonstrating the daily use features that embody the mobile experience. Of course, they throw in a spec or two “for you techies.” Dynamic ringing profile and cached maps are among the features shown… Read more

HTC Desire HD bests Nexus One in benchmarks

HTC recently unveiled the Desire HD, along with the Desire Z, at a London conference. They showed us how beautiful the phone is, especially running on the newest, enhanced version of Sense UI. And now we get some confirmation that the handset has a beast of an engine. HDblog.it has posted benchmarks of the Desire HD, using the Neocore performance test…. Read more

Desire HD passes through the FCC without US 3G

Thanks a little detective work from Engadget, we now know that the PD98100, or Desire HD, has just passed through the FCC with no American 3G bands on board. How do they know the PD98100 is the Desire HD? A photo of the battery slot during a hands on at the HTC London event shows the model number plain and simple. It’s sad to see that the Desire HD… Read more

Desire HD and HTCSense.com shown off in promo video

HTC Desire HD

HTC is continuing to captivate the Android community. They started yesterday by announcing two new GSM phones, as well as an update to their custom UI, HTC Sense, and a new online service that integrates with it. One of those phones, the HTC Desire HD, gets an official promo video today showing off some new features. The presentation is professional, of… Read more

HTC unveils Desire HD and Desire Z (Europe/Asia)

At the HTC event in London today, the Taiwanese maker of beautiful phones, blessed the non-American world with two new beautiful devices. To be fair, the US is already getting these phones in slightly different flavors… but we can always use more! The QWERTY-poppin’ Desire Z is a version of the T-Mobile G2 that’s about to hit retail. That means… Read more

HTC event invitations hint at Desire HD

HTC sent out mysterious, smokey invites to European-based tech bloggers (and to those who tend to travel) for a September 15th event this morning, and clever tech enthusiasts around the web have unmasked an image very closely resembling the Desire HD lurking within. We’ve seen that device on video and teased in photographs, but we have yet to experience a… Read more