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HTC Desire S Gets First Dose of Android 4.0.4

  For you HTC Desire S owners out there looking for a change of pace will be happy to find out there’s a fairly stable build of Android 4.0.4 running Sense 3.6 to play with.  XDA recognized developer mdeejay posted the new rom from the Virtuous Dev Team named VituousSaga on the XDA forums on the 23rd.   Android 4.0.4 only offers small changes… Read more

HTC releases an updated Ice Cream Sandwich update list

As per usual, another company has come forward and released yet another list of devices that will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. This isn’t HTC’s first time, either. The manufacturer is certainly trying to keep everyone informed as to which devices will be upgraded to the latest version of Android. You can check out the full list below. DROID… Read more

HTC confirms that some devices leak WiFi passwords

In a report issued this morning, HTC has confirmed that some of their devices leak WiFI passwords. The company says that some of these Android-based devices leak secure credentials while on a WiFi network. On any WiFi network they are connected to. Of course, as HTC has admitted to the problem, they’ve also confirmed that an over the air update is on the… Read more

The HTC S line: Desire, Wildfire, and Incredible S

What do you do when you finally run out of phone names? Why add a letter to the end of old names of course! It worked with the DROID and Galaxy line of devices, and HTC is gonna go with it for three of their new devices: The Desire S, the Incredible S, and the Wildfire S. Desire S The Desire S is yet another follow up to the incredibly popular… Read more