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Photos of HTC Desire X Leaked

Rumored to be launched at the IFA, pictures of the HTC Desire X have officially leaked.  The specs are a little lackluster compared to other smartphones and it dwarfs in comparison to the HTC One X.  Ultimately, the Desire X appears to leave much to be desired.  The device will be available in blue and white and feature: 4 inch WVGA(Super… Read more

HTC Desire shown running Ice Cream Sandwich

At one point HTC said that their previous flagship, the Desire, wouldn’t be capable of running Gingerbread. They later changed their statement and updated the phone, but took a few things out. It turns out that the phone is capable of running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich, further proving that the developer community can do almost anything with Android…. Read more

Desire owners, HTC wants to make you happy [Update]

Update: HTC has taken to Facebook yet again to help set the record straight. The company has said that in order to “resolve Desire’s memory issue and enable the upgrade to Gingerbread,” they “will cut select apps from the release.” Roughly two weeks back, on May 27th, HTC took to Facebook to let their customers know that their voices have been heard,… Read more

Video: The Evolution of Mobile

Watching the way the mobile market has changed in even the last two years has been astonishing. If thinking back to the release of the myTouch 3G gets you feeling nostalgic, how about digging through the cobwebs to recall the Motorola “Brick?” That device has influenced the way we communicate today, and so has the earliest BlackBerrys, the Nokias, and even… Read more

Eye candy: HTC Legend in Phantom Black

I’ll be honest with you, if you’re looking for the big scoop of the day, this isn’t the post you should be reading. If you are however looking for the oh yeah of the day, you’ve come to the right place. As it stands, the HTC Legend is arguably the sexiest of all handsets manufactured in the world today. That pronounced chin that gives it so much character,… Read more

U.S. Cellular launches HTC Desire

Have you been aching to get your hands on that Europe/Asia exclusive, HTC’s Desire? The gadget boasts a 1GHz Snapdragon, Android 2.1 with Sense, and a 5MP camera. And, after that hullaballoo with AMOLED panel shortages, this new batch comes with Super LCD displays. Admittedly, the specs put this device right in line with what’s been available for almost the… Read more

Desire: HTC may start rolling out Froyo tomorrow

Hot on the heels of some more Verizon related Froyo update news, HTC may have some surprises in store for European users very shortly. According to Mark Moons, HTC Europe’s director, HTC will start rolling out Froyo 2.2 to the Desire as soon as tomorrow, with more devices to follow shortly. Before you get too excited, there is a catch. HTC says that… Read more

Telus confirms HTC Desire

Just one week ago, the HTC Desire PB99220 passed through the FCC with Telus 3G bands intact. Fast forward to one week later, and Telus has just officially announced the device. There is no pricing or exact release info yet, but you know it’s coming soon. There is one notable change to mention about the device; Instead of an AMOLED screen on the Desire,… Read more

North American Desire passes FCC

While the HTC Desire may have been out for awhile now in other parts of the globe, we have yet to see the 1ghz super-phone grace our own continent. According to the FCC, that’s about to change. An HTC device with model code PB99220 just passed through the FCC with WCDMA bands I, II, and V; just the bands needed for Bell, Telus, Rogers, and AT&T. There’s… Read more

HTC Desire to hit US late Summer 2010

Before you go and get too excited, no, it’s not coming to any of the major 4 in the US. Is that a bad thing? Yes. Terrible thing? … not really. Even the smaller carriers in the US need Android love too. Right after@HTC tweeted out loud that the Desire will be hitting regional carriers in August, a public relations rep for HTC made the rounds and let… Read more