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World-wide screen shortage affecting stock levels

Visiting Verizon’s Incredible product page only leads to minor depression, as the “in-stock” date continues to evade summer.  First it was the beginning of June, then the middle of June.  At the time of writing this the magical in-stock date is July 13th. Verizon isn’t the only carrier that can’t keep a phone in stock.  Sprint is also struggling… Read more

CSL Limited brings the HTC Desire to Hong Kong

Today, HTC announced that they will be exclusivley partnering with CSL Limited to release the HTC Desire in Hong Kong.  We can add this to the growing list of international carriers that will stock the HTC superphone.  The Desire will be offered via CSL’s one2free and 1010 brands, and comes in its standard flavor with a 2GB microSD card. Aenil Premji,… Read more

HTC fixes Desire’s GPS issues for Telstra

THIS is what I like to see.  Customers complain about an issue.  Company admits to the issue.  Company fixes issue.  Seems pretty straight forward, but some companies don’t react quite as quickly as HTC and Telstra did. Just a few days ago, we reported that HTC and Telstra identified a software issue with the GPS on the HTC Desire and “aim to rectify… Read more

HTC uploads four Desire Videos

If there’s one thing that HTC knows how to do well, other than creating amazing phones, it’s creating an amazing video. Last night, they uploaded four “closer look” videos for the HTC Desire. Most of the info is already known, but presented in a very sexy way. One thing I didn’t know was when you have Polite Ringer activated, you can just turn the phone… Read more

O2 launches HTC Desire for Germany


Today, Telefónica O2 Germany launched the HTC Desire.  The Desire joins O2′s Android family including the Motorola Milestone, HTC Tattoo, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and the Samsung Galaxy.  Not surprising, the specs are standard issue.  However, the device does come with Telmap turn-by-turn navigation, available free of charge. From the O2 blog: The… Read more

Desire: Spec’ed, Delayed, Rooted

The HTC Desire appears to be a hot commodity these days.  Our international readers can already pick up this device on several popular carriers.  Here in the states, it will be available on US Cellular, as announced on their Facebook page.  While none of the four major U.S. carriers are currently slated to get this device, it’s sure making a stir on the… Read more

HTC and Telstra addressing Desire GPS Woes


Apparently I was wrong when I said that the only gripe with the Telstra HTC Desire is the 150MB data limit.  Users are experiencing issues with the GPS settings.  While this may seem like a bad thing, at least HTC and Telstra are working towards a solution.  Other carriers and manufacturers aren’t always open to admitting they have an issue, or if they… Read more