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HTC DROID DNA Passes Through The FCC On Its Way To Verizon

The DROID DNA cleared one more hurdle on its way to your open arms as it passed through the FCC sporting Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands. While no announcement for the DROID DNA from either Verizon or HTC appears to be on the radar, we’re still hopeful this will land on store shelves before the Thanksgiving holiday. However, @evleaks, the tipster… Read more

Clearer Image Of DROID DNA With Verizon Branding Leaked

Yes, this is absolutely the same image we saw just two days of the DROID DNA with Verizon branding courtesy of Twitter tipster @evleaks. Well, as a “weekend bonus” we were gifted with a clearer look at the same image by the @evleaks account. We’re still not learning much the second time around, but we do know the DROID DNA is formerly known as the… Read more

5″ HTC DLX Pictured On Its Way To Verizon Store Shelves

The boys from Android Central just hit the HTC DLX jackpot with some Verizon branded shots of the 5″ smartphone/tablet in the wild. The leaked images come just a few days after HTC unveils a similar style device branded the HTC J Butterfly overseas. The images also arrive a week after longtime HTC insider @Football4PDA leaked details of the HTC… Read more