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HTC confirms that some devices leak WiFi passwords

In a report issued this morning, HTC has confirmed that some of their devices leak WiFI passwords. The company says that some of these Android-based devices leak secure credentials while on a WiFi network. On any WiFi network they are connected to. Of course, as HTC has admitted to the problem, they’ve also confirmed that an over the air update is on the… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible Gingerbread update available now

The Gingerbread update is now officially rolling out to plenty of devices. Now that the Motorola DROID 2, and even the DROID 2 Global have received their updates, it’s apparently time for HTC to begin their roll-out. The DROID Incredible is now ready and willing to get the Gingerbread update officially from Verizon, so let the waves start rolling in. Of… Read more

Incredible update being pushed out now

If you’ve been dying to get a good solid look at the Verizon V Cast App store, and just so happen to use a DROID Incredible, then you’re wait has finally come to an end. The 17.7MB update being pushed out to DIncs not only includes V Cast apps and Slacker Radio, but also totes numerous big fixes and adds some security enhancements: Improvements:… Read more

DROID Incredible boots into custom ROM in 2 seconds

The new HTC Sense may provide a boot time of 10 seconds, but the newest IncDoes ROM running on the DROID Incredible boots up faster than some phones wake up from a dimmed screen. For those of you who feel comfortable hacking your phone, we’ve covered rooting the Incredible before, which is, of course, a requirement for loading this custom ROM. Know… Read more

DROID Incredible lands a Froyo ROM

Oh the speed of the internet. Just as quickly as a rumor of a September 1st release date for the Dinc’s Froyo update is announced and smashed, a ROM sporting exactly that has surfaced. Of course, you have to be rooted with a custom recovery to install this ROM, but you already knew that right? Before I go any further, what you decide to do with your device… Read more

Froyo update for Incredible? Not today

Sorry DROID Incredible owners, today just isn’t your lucky day. August 18th marks the day when the DINC was rumored to get the update to Froyo, but according to VZWSupport on Twitter, that’s just not the case. The rumor was started by Mashable, a pretty solid information source, roughly 3 or 4 days ago. While the update isn’t coming today, that doesn’t mean… Read more

World-wide screen shortage affecting stock levels

Visiting Verizon’s Incredible product page only leads to minor depression, as the “in-stock” date continues to evade summer.  First it was the beginning of June, then the middle of June.  At the time of writing this the magical in-stock date is July 13th. Verizon isn’t the only carrier that can’t keep a phone in stock.  Sprint is also struggling… Read more