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HTC One X render leaks ahead of MWC announcement

Over the last couple of weeks we have heard plenty about HTC’s upcoming devices. However, while specifications are one thing, it’s been the rumored names of the handsets that has gotten some people most interested. We found out about HTC’s rumored new naming scheme well in advance of the company’s expected launch date during Mobile World Congress next week,… Read more

HTC releases invites for February 26 event

Mobile World Congress is right around the corner. More or less. We’ve got just over a month before the world’s leading phone manufacturers step up on stage and showcase their latest and greatest. We fully expect Samsung to showcase their brand new Galaxy S III, and we know that Huawei is even doing what they can to showcase their next big series of phones…. Read more

HTC Edge is now known as the HTC Endeavor internally

The HTC Edge was leaked-slash-rumored not too long ago, but since then everyone has been waiting on the balls of their feet, or on the edge of their chair, hoping for more information. The device we’re looking at above is reportedly undergoing a codename change internally, dropping that Edge name and going with something a bit more… Read more

HTC planning on showcasing quad-core tablet and smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2012

If you were enticed by the HTC Edge, and anything quad-core related, actually, then you’ll probably want to pay attention. According to a new report from the Commercial Times, it looks like HTC will be showcasing a brand new tablet, and smartphone, with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processors under the hood. Actually, this isn’t new news at all. We had heard with… Read more