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HTC to shift focus to quality over quantity in 2012

HTC has been weathering some stormy seas lately and sources report that the smartphone manufacturer will be shifting the direction of their company strategy in the coming year. For 2012, the handset manufacturer will be drastically dropping the number of releases that are made to focus more on the quality of each handset that is released. In terms of… Read more

HTC Elite will feature Android 4.0 and Beats audio, will launch for AT&T in April

While HTC isn’t in the business of announcing devices ahead of their internal schedule, it looks like Boy Genius Report was able to get in touch with someone who is quite familiar with HTC’s plans for 2012, and didn’t mind talking them up. While we have already seen renders of the rumored HTC Ville and HTC Edge, it looks like the HTC Elite is HTC’s true… Read more