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HTC confirms security fix is incoming

With new software, there’s always a chance that new flaws or problems arise. On some newer HTC Sense-equipped devices, it seems that HTC’s software was logging key information on people’s handsets. This service on the device, known as HTCLoggers, was built to store GPS information, call logs, and email addresses to be sent back to HTC. Although the option… Read more

HTC EVO 3D in white heading to RadioShack on September 9

After you saw the HTC DROID Incredible 2 showing off its white back panel, did you immediately think that the HTC EVO 3D would look pretty good with the same highlights? If so, then RadioShack is here to help you out. That’s right, it looks like Best Buy isn’t the only third-party retailer out there who can get in on the exclusive colored handset game. This… Read more

HTCDev goes live with OpenSense SDK and kernel source codes

Back at the beginning of June, HTC let it be known to the world that they would be opening the gates to those who love to tinker with their HTC-manufactured phones. Specifically, the company would be allowing those who want it, the ability to get their hands on kernel source codes right from the source, as well as plenty of other tools that would be made… Read more

Star in your own movie trailer and win an HTC EVO 3D

Sprint is sending out emails asking customers to enter their Be a 3D Star contest, in which participants’ photo and name are integrated into a pre-existing movie trailer. For each contest entry–one entry per day is allowed–entrants get to watch a trailer where they become a 3D star. Appropriate way to promote a phone with a 3D camera that captures… Read more

Sprint Premier EVO 3D promo

Sprint is sending out text messages that link to the May 2011 edition of Sprint Premier Connection. And the top link brings you to a mobile brochure for the EVO 3D, of course touting the 4.3″ display, Gingerbread OS, and three-dimensional capabilities of the device. Most importantly, the brochure features a button for clicking by those who want to… Read more

HTC Kingdom not the Evo 3D after all?

Just yesterday, we brought you a story here at DroidDog on how an HTC Kingdom ROM had leaked online, was torn apart, and featured evidence pointing towards the Kingdom being the Evo 3D. Well today, new information has surfaced suggesting the Kingdom is a very similar, but entirely different device. The picture above from PocketNow is rumored to be… Read more

Is the HTC Kingdom the Evo 3D?

A new ROM has made its way online from the HTC Kingdom which may point to what the device really is. After the ROM was posted by 911Sniper, Android Police took a moment to dig in and see what was inside. What was found was a ton of evidence pointing towards the Kingdom being the HTC Evo 3D. Not only does the ROM actually have “Sprint” in the name,… Read more

HTC Evo 3D (kinda) available for pre-order at Best Buy

In the release cycle of the modern Android phone, we usually see an announcement — including a release date — followed by a pre-order window, followed by release. This is a little bit different though. There is a memo floating around internally at Best Buy right now that says today is the day you can start to pre-order the HTC Evo 3D… but there’s… Read more

HTC’s Sense 3.0 coming only to new handsets

When you’re talking about Android and HTC, it’s almost impossible not to mention the manufacturer’s proprietary user interface, called Sense. Many people believe it’s one of the reasons Android hit it off so well. And if you purchased the HTC EVO Shift, or even the HTC ThunderBolt recently you may think that your device is well-equipped to get any… Read more