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Video: Sprint’s new EVO Shift commercial

It may not seem like it at first, but yes the commercial below is supposed to be for the EVO Shift. So what’s the problem with it? After you watch, you should notice a particular lack of said EVO Shift. The commercial is essentially 30 seconds of Sprint boasting about the original EVO with a Shift cameo at the very end. The lead in makes sense and all, show… Read more

Video: HTC devices save lives

Coming out of the Associated Press today is a story of a man, and how his HTC device saved his life. John Garber, a valet attendant for club Halo in Atlanta, GA, claims that after two men were kicked out of the club in which he worked, they began firing handguns in his general direction. One bullet struck him in the chest where the battery on his… Read more

WiMax working in CyanogenMod 6.1.1

Fantastic news for folks running CyanogenMod on their EVO 4Gs: WiMax is now working under Cyanogen 6.1.1, according to this xda-developers thread, and the Twitter feeds of the hackers responsible, toastcfh and shinzul. One of them is getting amazing DL speeds, as seen in the image below. This has been at the top of the request list for EVO users for… Read more

HTC EVO 4G dock by KiDiGi

Just last night my extended EVO battery died on me (after 36 hours of use) right as I lay down in bed, shut off the lights and plugged in my earbuds. I went through my four batteries–yes, I have four–popping each one into the back of my EVO and rebooting in search of enough juice to send me off to dreamland by way of the Coast to Coast AM highway. During… Read more

Official EVO dock is available from Sprint, FINALLY

Good grief, has this little accessory been delayed. Chances are that those of you EVO owners who had your heart set on docking at launch gave up on the wait and went third party three months ago. But in case there are a handful of you left, like myself, who have waited for the real HTC deal, Sprint is selling the glossy little gadget, as pictured below…. Read more

Upcoming EVO software update ready: rooted or regular

Attention EVO owners, word is that a new OTA update is headed your way: version 3.30.651.2. Those of you who don’t like waiting can grab a rooted version over at xda-developers. Included are improvements to the camera software, kernet, hBoot, and other miscellaneous system fixes. It’s a minor, incremental jump. (I wonder if it will fix a recent bug that… Read more

Sprint’s Epic 4G and EVO 4G are both $100 at Amazon

If you’re not currently beholden to Sprint but are attracted to Androids rocking WiMAX connections, now might be a good time to take the plunge. Amazon has both devices available for $99.99 on a new contract. The catch is that you must be a new Sprint customer; extensions aren’t part of the deal. And, not to pressure you, but if you purchase by the end of… Read more

Ben Heck solves HTC EVO power issues like a mad genius

I was satisfied with the results I experienced after I first got my Seidio 3,500mAh extended EVO battery, and consistent with the lifetime tests I ran using Juice Defender, I can still get close to two full days of standard usage between charges. I think I found a pretty good solution the the EVO’s battery issues. But I took the dullard’s way out…. Read more

MIUI ROM running on the EVO 4G

This unique ROM was put together by Chinese coders for the Nexus One and Desire. It has been ported to the EVO and you can grab the zip (at your own risk) over at xda-developers. I’m sure I missed plenty of features when shooting the first video embedded below, which is why I also included a second video showing off the features on Desire. Looking for an… Read more

HTC EVO software update

Today is a regular update extravaganza, with DROID X grabbing Froyo, and Fascinate seeing a fix for the Galaxy S GPS trouble, and now, HTC’s EVO is receiving an OTA that addresses calendar event problems and multiple GMail account syncing issues. No word on whether or not this one attacks the random crashes of Peep, Friend Stream, or the modified Sense… Read more