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HTC First Full Review [Video]

I’ve already provided several different looks at the HTC First, otherwise known as the Facebook phone.  I unboxed it, gave you my first impressions, and reviewed Facebook Home on the First.  Now it’s my turn to really give you my thoughts on the device.  Here, I’ll be going beyond its Facebookness.  I’ll talk about it’s performance, how it looks,… Read more

New Report Suggests HTC In “Complete Disarray,” Struggling To Hold On To Key Staff

A brand new report surfacing out of The Verge suggests things are not all sunshine and rainbows in HTC’s camp. With key staff exiting the company, a “disastrous” HTC First launch and inventory constraints plaguing the HTC One launch, the company’s future looks anything but certain. In the past three months HTC has lost Jason Gordon, the company’s… Read more

A First Look At The HTC First Facebook Phone

I’ve had the Facebook Phone, known as the HTC First, for about day.  So far, I”m really liking it a lot more than expected.  Before having the device, I played with Facebook Home briefly and thought it just felt awkward as a launcher for an Android device.  However, give it the right hardware, namely an HTC device with a beautiful display, I think… Read more

Facebook’s New “Launch Day” Ad For Facebook Home Features Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Home may be the “it” story of the Android world for the moment, and a new commercial for its”launch day” even features CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The good news is that the commercial isn’t nearly as painful to get through as HTC’s’ most recent marketing effort. What it does feature is “Joey,” a Facebook employee who is playing with his own HTC First… Read more

Facebook Home APKs Leak, Allows For Side-Loading Adventures

Facebook Home

Facebook Home will make its official debut on the HTC first this Friday, but Paul O’Brien over at Modaco is giving you a chance to try it early. Thanks a trio of APKs, Modaco is offering the set from a pre-release HTC First ROM, but admits they are “rather buggy” and not very functional. Aspects like Chat Heads don’t work, and considering how much I… Read more

Turn Off Facebook Home To Improve Security On The HTC First

This week, Facebook introduced us to the new Android-only Facebook Home.  We also learned that the HTC First is one of the devices that ships with Facebook Home as the default launcher  That’s great news if you use Facebook frequently, but what about users that don’t access Facebook regularly?  Well, we now know that the Facebook launcher can be… Read more

Poll: Is Facebook Home For You?

If you haven’t heard, the social networking giant Facebook announced a new launcher and lock screen for Android devices today named Facebook Home. Also announced was the HTC First which comes with with Facebook home pre-installed. We at DroidDog are super curious how YOU all feel about the new launcher.  Let us know by voting in the poll below and be… Read more