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Refurbished HTC Flyers can be had for only $200 at Buy.com

HTC Flyers have been going for cheap over the past few months, but haven’t hit the low $200 price point until now. Buy.com is now offering the tablet for that price, although it is refurbished. Considering that the tablet offers many more features over something like the Kindle Fire, that shouldn’t make a difference for many. Also keep in mind that the… Read more

HTC Flyer rumored to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update some time in first quarter

We are big fans of customer service representatives, because there’s a level of help that these folks are required to give you, and then there’s the level that some of them out there will go to to make sure that you’re a happy camper. We’ve heard in the past as customer service representatives have outlined a planned update to a device, but it seems about… Read more

HTC Flyer gets Android 3.2 in Canada

Well, all our brothers and sisters north of the border have a special treat today. If you have a WiFi HTC Flyer, you may have already been notified that there is an update ready for you. If you haven’t now would be a great time to go to your settings and see what this update is all about. Everyone’s been waiting for it and yes, Honeycomb is now here for… Read more

WiFi HTC Flyer starts to receive Honeycomb update

Late last year, the international version of the HTC Flyer started to receive its update to Honeycomb. While owners here in the States waited and watched, reports confirmed that the update to the tablets-specific update for the Flyer would be coming here in the States some time in the early part of 2012. New owner reports are coming in that the WiFi HTC… Read more

HTC EVO View 4G 32GB no contract / free shipping @ $240

Haven’t gotten an Android device yet? Looking for a cheap tablet? BOOM! For anyone looking to buy an HTC EVO View 4G (HTC Flyer) 7″ Android tablet running on Sprint’s 4G network, now is the time. Bidallies has the tablet in brand-spankin’ new condition for the bargain basement, door-busting price of 239.95 with options for warranty coverage starting at… Read more

HTC Flyer in Europe reportedly seeing Honeycomb update

We aren’t all that surprised to find out that the Honeycomb-based update to the HTC Flyer is starting to see its way to the tablet, but we are kind of surprised to hear where the update is landing. According to a new report, owners of the HTC Sense-fused tablet in Holland and France are starting to see the update to Honeycomb. Maybe it isn’t surprise,… Read more

HTC Flyer price dropping to $299 thanks to Best Buy

There are plenty of tablets out there. And, right now, there are plenty of prices dropping on those tablets. It looks like Best Buy is gearing up to drop the price of one such tablet, known as the HTC Flyer. In a recent announcement made by the yellow tag retailer, the tablet will be seeing a major price cut beginning tomorrow, October 1st. Right now,… Read more

HTC Flyer, HTC Wildfire S and HTC Hero S launching in October

For those of you under US Cellular’s network wing, you may be eager to hear that the regional carrier is getting geared up to launch three brand new Android-powered devices next month. If you’re in the mood for a 7-inch tablet device, then the HTC Flyer will suit your needs. There’s also a mid-range device in that of the HTC Wildfire S, or the semi-high-end… Read more

HTC Flyer gets the Honeycomb treatment, unofficially

While the HTC Flyer may still be rocking the phone-version of Android, that’s obviously not going to stop some developers out there from porting the Honeycomb-laced version of the software, which recently launched for the HTC Jetstream, onto the original device. Lucky for us, the first screenshots of the software running on the smaller tablet have finally… Read more