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WiFi only HTC Flyer passes through the FCC

For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on an HTC Flyer, here’s a good sign your wait is growing ever shorter: the HTC Flyer WiFi only edition has just made it’s way through the FCC. Now that the FCC has given the Flyer its stamp of approval, we could see HTC’s first attempt at an Android tablet to hit shelves any minute now. As a quick… Read more

HTC’s Sense 3.0 coming only to new handsets

When you’re talking about Android and HTC, it’s almost impossible not to mention the manufacturer’s proprietary user interface, called Sense. Many people believe it’s one of the reasons Android hit it off so well. And if you purchased the HTC EVO Shift, or even the HTC ThunderBolt recently you may think that your device is well-equipped to get any… Read more

HTC Evo View 4G to launch with Honeycomb?

Ever since HTC first announced their 7-inch Flyer tablet, the company has stuck to their guns in saying that Gingerbread (2.3/2.4) was a more appropriate firmware than Honeycomb (3.0) for now. The reasoning? HTC simply didn’t have enough time to customize Honeycomb the way they wanted. Makes sense for a company that heavily relies on a custom UI to set… Read more

HTC Flyer destined to land at T-Mobile?

It shouldn’t be surprising to see HTC pushing their 7-inch Flyer out to as many carriers as possible, but I wouldn’t blame you if seeing some T-Mobile branded promotional Flyer material caught you off guard. If a YouTube branding and some store displays are any indication of things to come, at least one branch of T-Mobile will be carrying the Flyer. The… Read more

HTC Flyer WiFi only edition to be a Best Buy exclusive

Announced via a press release at CTIA, HTC and Best Buy are teaming up to bring you the exclusive launch of the HTC Flyer WiFi only edition later this spring. Paired up with an aluminum unibody sporting a 7-inch 1024×600 display, the HTC Flyer is the first device to run HTC’s trademark Sense for tablets. For now, due to customization compatibility,… Read more

Trademark application for the Evo View 4G uncovered

In a huge leak over this past weekend, it was rumored that Sprint would be showing off a tablet from HTC, presumably their version of the Flyer, under the name View. Thanks to a trademark application that’s been uncovered by Good and Evo, that rumor looks to be coming to light. Filed under the Evo View 4G, there’s good reason to believe the… Read more

HTC Flyer roundup

When the HTC Flyer — HTC’s 7-inch tablet — was first announced, information on the device was abundant to say the least. Now that things have calmed down a bit, let’s take a look at what we know. Hardware: First up on the list: hardware specs. The Flyer could have the best software out there, but if the specs don’t match up, why bother? Here’s… Read more

Possible HTC Flyer specs leaked, perhaps a bargain over Xoom

(This may or may not be HTC’s Flyer.) Norwegian site amobil has apparently been tipped off regarding some of the specs of HTC’s upcoming tablet, Flyer. Word is that a 7″ version is likely headed for T-Mobile while Verizon could get the 10″ LTE counterpart. The 7″ version will apparently feature a 1024 X 600 resolution display, like the Galaxy Tab. The… Read more