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HTC HD2 Receives Pre-Alpha Jelly Bean Port

Go ahead and add the HTC HD2 to the list of devices receiving a Jelly Bean port.  The team over at XDA have announced there is a new Pre-Alpha build available for the HTC HD2.  It’s not ready for daily use, but most features such as data and USB mass storage are working.  The areas that are still being developed include the camera and video playback…. Read more

The HTC HD2 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Before Verizon

Trivia time: what phone can Android 2.2, 2.3, Windows Phone NoDo/Mango, MeeGo, Maemo, and now Ice Cream Sandwich? The correct answer is the HTC HD2, a phone released way back in 2009 with Windows Mobile 6.5. Even though it launched with lackluster software it was very popular because of it’s great hardware. The HD2 was one of the first phones with a… Read more

HTC HD2 now running native Android

The HTC HD2 has come a long way to get to this point, as turning a Windows Mobile 6.5 device into an Android device is no easy task. For the longest time now, hackers and modders have been running various Android builds on the HD2 by way of SD card installation. Essentially, you’d boot into Windows, run a program, and Android would start up. There’s plenty… Read more

Video: Android 2.2 running on the HD2

Andrew Steffy has put together a video showing off the two, 2.2, two two two, II hack (Android 2.2 running on HTC’s HD2 – no flare included) and offers up some helpful links in the video’s description: A quick look at Android on the HD2 and how to get it running on your device. A lot of info on the porting of Android to the HTC HD2 Dualboot… Read more