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HTC Holiday landing on Bell and Rogers in Canada sometime in the fourth quarter

While we’re still waiting for any and additional information about the HTC Holiday, it looks like Canadian Android fans who have been keeping tabs on this device, better known as the Raider 4G up in the Great North, may have something else to get excited about now. While we know the device will launch on AT&T’s LTE network here in the States sometime before… Read more

HTC Holiday runs the FCC gauntlet, shows off AT&T LTE

While we’re still patiently waiting to hear anything official about the HTC Holiday, we’ll just have to make due with what we can get. And this time around, we’ve got the device in question making its way through the FCC. And, low and behold, there’s plenty of AT&T LTE goodness attached to the device. The handset in question is the HTC PCH39100, and… Read more

HTC Holiday poses for camera to show off AT&T LTE

The HTC Holiday isn’t afraid of the camera. It has only been a few days sine the last time we saw the device poses in front of the camera, and while this batch is by far better than the previous ones, it’s also good to see that AT&T LTE is indeed on board this device. What’s better than a picture? Well, not much, but at least we get to hear from the same… Read more

HTC Holiday lets Mr. Blurrycam snap some photos

Thanks to the infamous Mr. Blurrycam, we get another pair of photos of the HTC Holiday. That’s right, this is the device that will reportedly bring AT&T’s LTE network to the smartphone market, even if no one can decide just when that will be. If you weren’t too interested in seeing the settings screen on the Holiday, then this latest batch of photos should… Read more

Specs in leaked HTC Holiday ROM are sure to impress

If you think way back, as in one full week ago, you may remember a leak that showcased a render of the AT&T bound HTC Holiday, as well a whisper attached to it that the device was some sort of Aria replacement. According to a ROM recently leaked by 911Sniper, that’s not the case. Should this new leaked Holiday ROM be accurate, we may be looking at… Read more

HTC renders provide first look at 10-inch “Puccini”

Freshly leaked online, PocketNow has their hands on a set of renders from HTC that provide a first time look at several new Android devices still in the pipes. Perhaps the most interesting of the renders, the device you see above is rumored to be HTC’s 10-inch Honeycomb tablet known as Puccini. There isn’t much else available on this new tablet, but… Read more