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HTC Rezound for Verizon gets an early hands-on

Other than the Motorola DROID RAZR, this is usually what happens before a hyped phone gets launched. We see plenty of leaks; we see plenty of rumors and speculation about the device; and we see plenty of discussions about what the phone will finally be called when it hits store shelves. The HTC Rezound (which was also known as the Incredible HD or Vigor)… Read more

HTC Rezound and Samsung Galaxy Nexus find their way onto Verizon’s MAP list, showcase pricing

While Verizon more than likely has a few devices coming down the pipe before the end of 2011, there are only a couple of them that are at the top of the list for many people. Those two devices would be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Rezound (or Incredible HD or Vigor, depending on the day). For those of you keeping track of the devices’ random… Read more

HTC Vigor poses for the camera

The HTC Vigor (or Incredible HD or Rezound, whatever you want to call it today) has finally managed to pose for Mr. Blurrycam. It was bound to happen, sure, but we don’t imagine anyone would have thought it would take this long. But, here it is, showcasing all of its rounded edges and huge display for the world to see. Sure, it looks like a mix between a… Read more

HTC Mecha in the flesh

What do you get when you cross an HD7 with a Desire HD? What could be one of Verizon’s first LTE devices to hit the airwaves. Not only does this super sexy 4.3″ slab, known simply as the Mecha (or Incredible HD), borrow the ear-piece from the Desire HD, but it also takes a hint from the HD7 with a concave mesh inlay towards the mic; Truly a magical… Read more