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Video: HTC devices save lives

Coming out of the Associated Press today is a story of a man, and how his HTC device saved his life. John Garber, a valet attendant for club Halo in Atlanta, GA, claims that after two men were kicked out of the club in which he worked, they began firing handguns in his general direction. One bullet struck him in the chest where the battery on his… Read more

Incredible update being pushed out now

If you’ve been dying to get a good solid look at the Verizon V Cast App store, and just so happen to use a DROID Incredible, then you’re wait has finally come to an end. The 17.7MB update being pushed out to DIncs not only includes V Cast apps and Slacker Radio, but also totes numerous big fixes and adds some security enhancements: Improvements:… Read more

DROID Incredible owners to see Froyo on Wednesday?

Hey there, Dinc lovers, I’m sure the last thing you want to hear at this point is an inaccurate rumor about the pending release of Android 2.2 for your slick little gadget, but Mashable writer Ben Parr says that sources have revealed Froyo’s launch date to the social networking powerhouse along with this tidbit of information: Verizon workers are already… Read more

Incredible looking at Froyo in late July or early August

According to several tipsters all across the internet, the DROID Incredible has been slated to receive an update any minute now that will add some WiFi tweaks, along with a few other features like 720p video record. Well now, according to a letter from HTC that BGR has their hands on, that update will be postponed and bundled with an upgrade to Froyo…. Read more

Incredible rooted, waiting for OTA

The Incredible OTA that’s been talked about over the past few days includes Hot Spot support, 720p video capture, and a new boot animation. Reports are coming in that users are receiving a notifications of the update’s availability. Perhaps coincidentally, the unrEVOked team released their super easy root method for the Incredible within hours of the first… Read more

Incredible update to bring 720p video and hotspot support

Incredible 720p

Just because Verizon has two killer Motorola DROIDs on the way (X and 2) is no reason to discount HTC’s Incredible, which has been selling like hotcakes to the point that patient customers have received $25 gift cards as a way of thanking them for not canceling their as yet unfulfilled orders. The Sense packing device is about to get a bump that will… Read more

How to root your Incredible

I never explicitly encourage phone hacks, even when the method appears to be safe and foolproof. But in situations like the one I’m about to cover, I specifically caution against it. This is a very early work around achieved by the unrEVOked folks, and they designate it for power users. The hack is far from perfect and the process seems to be a bit… Read more

HTC Incredible / DROID Incredible

The Incredible is Verizon wireless’ first super-phone entry into their DROID series of devices. Processor: 1ghz Snapdragon Screen: 3.7″ OLED 480 x 800 Camera: dual LED autofocus 8 MP camera Memory: 512MB RAM/1GB ROM Extras: wifi; GPS; FM radio; 1300mAH battery Browse posts tagged HTC… Read more