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Incredible rooted, shipments delayed [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Someone might have lied on the Internet. Check out the thread over at xda where at least one of those named on the paper shown in the “root photo” are saying that it’s totally bogus, citing evidence against authenticity. The delay in shipments, however, is the real deal. While Verizon has pushed the ship date back for HTC’s Droid Incredible once… Read more

HTC Droid Incredible: your questions and requests

I just finished up a month with HTC’s Droid Incredible as my primary device and it’s time for another set of Questions and Requests videos! I always enjoy reading and answering your messages for these, and I wish I could have taken a few more for this stunning Verizon beast. A recent move (a pretty big one) cut my work time short for a couple of weeks, so… Read more

DROID Incredible camera commercial

Verizon uploaded a new DROID Incredible commercial to their YouTube account today.  This one focuses (pun definitely intended) on the camera.  It’s styled like the previous Incredible commercial.  I assume they will continue this episodic until the make it through all of the features of the… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible makes its official video debut

If you remember the first Incredible TV commercial, you’ll certainly remember that they didn’t actually show the phone.  Verizon has uploaded a new video, with a cameo of the HTC superphone.  Albeit, a short one.  Maybe that’s part of the Incredible’s mystique.  For some reason this video reminds me of a Sony Playstation3 advert. … Read more

HTC Incredible broken down stop motion style

Sometimes, ads can be really boring. Something, ads can be really cool. Sometimes, ads are so awesome, they don’t even seem like ads. Tech Restore has made this stop motion video (advertising their repair services) featuring an HTC DROID Incredible getting torn down to its pretty red insides. This isn’t the first time Tech Restore has done something like… Read more

Incredible car dock and belt clip Combo

I’m in my car, in the Verizon parking lot, stealing WiFi from some random person, so I don’t have long before the Feds are on my trail.  I just wanted to get these images up. Here’s what I know: The phone snaps into a belt clip style holster The clip can rotate 360 degrees The holster has a “T” slot, on the clip, that slides onto a “T”… Read more

Incredible Cases

I know I’ve already written a post about accessories for the Incredible, but I wanted to show off all of the cases available.  In my opinion, the sweetest one is the black/red gradient snap case (seen on the right).  However, that cases doesn’t show up on the VZW accessory site.  Regardless, check out the other snap cases available right now! There… Read more

Verizon launches HTC DROID Incredible Microsite

Today is International Incredible Launch Day.  Countries all across the globe will be celebrating the release of the HTC DROID Incredible on Verizon Wireless.  Er…well maybe not.  But here in the States, many of us are excited to get our hands on this new Android superphone. What would a launch day be without a brand, spanking, new microsite?  The… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible $149.99 + FREE shipping from DroidDog

You read that right.  You can save $50 off of the HTC DROID Incredible, just by purchasing it through DroidDog.com.  Plus, you get free standard shipping. All you have to do is click “Shop Devices” at the top of the page (see image below).  It doesn’t get much easier than that. $149.99 is for new Verizon activations or valid upgrades.  Other terms… Read more