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Verizon dumps Nexus One in favor of Incredible

Since the release of the Nexus One, back in January, Google has stated that it will be coming to Verizon and Vodafone “this spring”.  Apparently only half of that is true. If you frequently visit Google’s phone storefront, like I do, you probably ran head first into this statement: For Verizon’s network, you can buy the Droid Incredible by HTC, a… Read more

DROID Incredible 2GB microSD card Offer

What’s better than 8GB of storage? How about 10GB of storage?  As some others are reporting, Verizon is offering a free 2GB microSD card for the Incredible, for a limited time. Email from Verizon: Limited Introductory Offer (pre-orders included) Great news! Any purchase of a Droid Incredible through 5/31 will receive a free 2GB microSD card! The… Read more

PhoneDog’s Incredible coverage


While I don’t have an Incredible in hand just yet (Breon is representing for DD), Noah from PhoneDog has posted his own video unboxing and written review of the device, and I think it makes sense to embed the video here. I hope to be posting my own hands on coverage of this phone, which I think is the most appealing Android on the market or in the wings…. Read more

Verizon releases a product video for the Incredible


Verizon uploaded a four minute product demo video, for the Incredible,  to their YouTube channel yesterday.  The video demonstrates some of the features of Android 2.1 as well as Sense specific features. HTC has yet to release a video for the phone.  Although, I suspect that we’ll see a standard issue “You” video as well as a “First Look”… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible Review

What better way to start my time here than with a review for one of the most anticipated Android phones to date;  The HTC DROID Incredible.  I was fortunate enough to get my grubby hands on one of only two review phones here in Minneapolis.  Although, I have to give it up Tuesday night. Before I do, I hope to capture a bunch of video and will post… Read more

Sometimes it’s good to be in the Doghouse

…especially when it’s part of the PhoneDog/DroidDog family. Hi there!  My name is Breon Nagy.  I’m the new Senior News Editor in charge of Foreign Affairs and the Hyper Global Mega Net.  Actually, the only part that is remotely true is “News Editor” (a boy can dream).  So grab a napkin, because I’ll be feeding your maw with tons Android news and… Read more