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HTC JetStream gets ClockworkMod-based recovery

Well if you have an HTC JetStream in your pocket this morning, there’s good news. Developer DooMLoRD has released a Custom ClockworkMod-based recovery for the HTC JetStream. If you don’t have a JetStream or what ClockworkMod (CWM) is, then this post has no relevance to you. DooMLoRD’s recovery has several features that are unique to his build. First,… Read more

HTC Flyer gets the Honeycomb treatment, unofficially

While the HTC Flyer may still be rocking the phone-version of Android, that’s obviously not going to stop some developers out there from porting the Honeycomb-laced version of the software, which recently launched for the HTC Jetstream, onto the original device. Lucky for us, the first screenshots of the software running on the smaller tablet have finally… Read more

HTC Jetstream launching September 4 for $699.99

After a few months of speculation, the 10.1-inch HTC manufactured tablet, previously known as the Puccini, is finally official. The device was unveiled today by AT&T, and the carrier was also nice enough to give potential consumers a release date and price point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look to be all good news.The Jetstream is indeed a high-end… Read more