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HTC Releases A Teaser For Something New

HTC released a teaser image of its own. The teaser image says, “Alive Soon” and is a picture of a heart stretched across a motherboard. Even though it’s just a teaser, it’s pretty obvious that the product they’re teasing is the HTC M7. The HTC M7 has been greatly hyped up, with a series of leaks, promise of a new camera experience, and its premature… Read more

HTC M7 Housing Has Leaked – Confirms DROID DNA Like Design

The HTC M7 leaks just keep on coming. ETrade Supply is now selling the OEM housing and cover for the HTC M7 for $57.89. The front of the housing is made up of aluminum alloy. The back of the housing very much resembles the DROID DNA, but it lacks the metal ring around the camera. The inside of the HTC M7 housing also lacks a rubber gasket, so that… Read more

The HTC M7 May Be Coming To Verizon Wireless, AT&T, And Sprint

The HTC M7 has been very popular with leaks in the past week, and now here comes that many of you will want to hear. Apparently the HTC M7 will not be a carrier exclusive device and will be making its way to 3 of the major carriers: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint. However, there have been no sources pointing to the T-Mobile receiving the… Read more

The Design Of The HTC M7 Has Finally Been Revealed

The folks over at HTC Source have finally uncovered the true identity of the HTC M7. So far we’ve come across the new version of Sense, a leaked render of the device (which also looks nothing like the device), and several blurry cam shots. Multiple sources have confirmed that the above image is in fact the HTC M7. It follows the same leak that said… Read more