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HTC Merge for Verizon seen in paper ad

When a phone goes missing, and then launches on a smaller regional carrier, you’ll have to forgive us if we think it’s pretty much never going to happen. That’s the scenario we were looking at earlier this morning, before we saw this particular advertisement showcasing the HTC Merge, like it had never gone anywhere. Even the price reflects a phone that has… Read more

HTC Merge pops up on Verizon’s site

The Verizon-branded HTC Merge is one of those devices that existed at one point in the past, but has seemingly all but disappeared since then. While it’s appeared on other regional carriers (minus the Verizon branding, of course), namely US Cellular and Alltel, it’s yet to make any kind of official appearance on Verizon’s site, or press releases. But, we… Read more

Verizon branded HTC Merge passes through the FCC

When HTC finally announced the Merge on February 25th, the only availability line we were fed stated that the Merge is “slated to be available from multiple North American operators beginning in spring 2011.” As leaks and previous rumors have indicated, at least one of those “North American operators” was supposed to be Verizon. Thanks to the FCC, that has… Read more

HTC Merge goes official

This has certainly been a long time coming, and now it’s finally here: the HTC Merge has been officially announced. According to the press release (which lines up with what we’ve known for awhile now), the HTC Merge is a CDMA based QWERTY packin’ world-phone and comes complete with Sense UI atop Android 2.2, a 5 megapixel camera that features 720p… Read more

HTC Merge shows in inventory, gets screen protectors

If there was one 2011 phone I was excited about in 2010, it was the HTC Merge. If not for the sexy body, then for what appears to be, in my opinion, the best looking Android QWERTY since the G1. But the path of the Merge is beset by numerous hurdles, the most problematic of which being the rumored launch delay that could facilitate an LTE upgrade. If… Read more

HTC Merge makes guest appearance in Entrepreneur Magazine

“You want a work phone that’s updated for your life … Everything your work phone couldn’t do.” Why yes, yes we do. And can we have it? No, not yet. In yet another sticky situation with unannounced phones, it looks like the HTC Merge has made it’s way into the latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. The ad campaign accompanying this appearance of the… Read more

HTC Merge 360 degree tour lands on Verizon’s website

Just last night, Verizon jumped the gun when they put a 360 degree tour online for the HTC Merge; An unannounced drool worthy slider that’s rumored to launch by January of 2011. It was pulled down just as quickly as it was put up, but luckily, it was caught on film for everyone to see. The Merge has made quite a stir among blogsphere. With sleek… Read more