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HTC One V Now Supports Media Link HD

Those of you with an HTC One V will likely receive a notification soon that an update is now available for you to download.  This new update weighs in at 46.77MB and will bring the software version to 2.08.401.2.  Additionally, users will now have the ability to stream their media to the HTC Media Link HD device allowing you to view your media on a… Read more

HTC One V Announced For Summer Arrival In US

While it may not attract the same level of press as the HTC One X or HTC One S, the HTC One V is looking to carve its own niche in the market with a summer arrival in the US. HTC says to expect the One V to launch “through a variety of US partners later this summer.” The HTC One V continues HTC’s new One series premium mobile experience with a 5… Read more

HTC One V rumored to launch on Virgin Mobile US for $200

We have known for a little while that the One V by HTC, the lowest-end of the brand new One Series handsets revealed by HTC earlier this year, would be landing on regional carriers here in the States, but the pricing has been up in the air. Without official confirmation from any one of the potential carriers, we’ve been left to wonder how they might price… Read more

HTC One V gets shown off in purple

When HTC announced their new One Series of devices, the One V showed how even a device that’s meant to fill the bottom of the ranks can stand out. Especially with the return of the chin. But when they showed it off they did so in only one color. For those of you out there who were secretly hoping to see other color variations of the device, today may be… Read more