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AT&T To Drop Price Of HTC One X To $99 Tomorrow?

According to one XDA-Developer member, tomorrow should bring some good news for future HTC One X owners on AT&T as the price is set to drop down to $99. Todays’ price: $199.99, tomorrow’s price: $99.99 — that’s a pretty hefty price cut for AT&T. According to the XDA user, “this is the new price point, no special or deal.” I can’t… Read more

Kernel Source Finally Outed For AT&T HTC One X

After months of waiting, the kernel source for the AT&T HTC One X has been outed.  One X developers and owners are literally rejoicing.  What does this mean for you?  Unless you’re a kernel developer, nothing immediately.  However, instead of repackaging kernels to work with custom roms, now developers can build their own custom kernels…. Read more

Jelly Bean Port for the HTC One X If You Can’t Wait

With HTC making non-committal announcements about upgrading their devices to the newly announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, I’m sure some of you aren’t satisfied with the “stay tuned” or “coming soon” statements.  So, I have some fun news for you impatient people like me.  If you own an HTC One X, you can start playing now if you’re… Read more

Consumer Reports Gives The HTC One Series Top Marks

It’s not often that we refer back to Consumer Reports these days, as their smartphone rankings are often quite different than how we, as “bloggers” like to review our devices. Still, their morning news report caught my eye as they gave the HTC One series some top marks against the competition. The report did highlight that the HTC One phones aren’t… Read more