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HTC One X Currently Out Of Stock On AT&T Website

What appears to be good news for first week sales shows the AT&T One X out of stock on the company’s website, although we admit it wasn’t something we noticed until this morning. In both the White and Gray version of the device, AT&T’s website lists both models as “out of stock.” How long both models will stay out of stock is a mystery, but… Read more

HTC One X Review [Video]

The One X is HTC’s first “superphone” of 2012. They threw absolutely everything into this device, and it shows on the inside and out. Sit back, relax and enjoy the video and full review! Hardware This is the high point of the HTC One X. The outside and inside of this phone are crafted from the highest quality materials to give the device a premium… Read more

HTC One Versus DSLR Images, Can You Spot The Difference?

HTC wants to put your knowledge of photography to the test with a series of 10 photos, identifying which one of two images was with a smartphone. Can you spot the difference between a professional digital camera image and one taken by HTC’s One smartphone series? I’m eager to take this challenge myself to see if I can’t spot the difference. I don’t… Read more

HTC One X Owners Experiencing Message Notification Bug?

A small number of HTC One X owners are experiencing a bug causing incoming messages to arrive without any notification pop-up. The bug, which occurs intermittently, has been acknowledged by HTC who acknowledges a bug fix is on the way. Any One X owners experiencing the issue will not see a notification warning in their status bar nor a badge on the… Read more

AT&T HTC One X Now Available, Bootloader Still Locked

The long wait is over as AT&T places the HTC One X up for sale this morning for just $199.99 with a two-year contract. With a mildly disappointing response to the Galaxy S III circulating around the web, now is the time for HTC to promote the One X as the nation’s top Android phone. Unless of course unlocked bootloaders mean the world to you, then… Read more