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AT&T’s HTC One X Can Not Access Unlock Bootloader Tool

The HTC One X is due to hit AT&T store shelves tomorrow having received almost universally rave reviews across the tech blogosphere. Unfortunately, for those of you who like to do a little “extra” to your Android device, the One X comes with one piece of bad news. Apparently, the bootloader unlock tool HTC has provided for many of their recent… Read more

HTC Praises Own Work For One X Battery Life In Blog Post

While the attention of the mobile industry is likely focused solely on London today, yesterdays blog post courtesy of HTC’s website is still grabbing headlines. HTC says their research included all layers in the phone; from chipset, networking, display, operating systems and preloaded applications all in the hopes of making the “most efficient use of… Read more

HTC One X: The DroidDog Review

HTC has had a pretty mixed history of late. Its handset portfolio has ranged from terrible to world beating, and everything in between. I’m probably not the only one who thinks that since the days of the Desire and Nexus 1 (made in conjunction with Google) it’s been mostly downhill. Handsets by the Taiwanese company took on virtually… Read more

HTC Predicting 55% Revenue Jump For Second Quarter 2012, Hints At Strong “One” Sales

HTC’s first quarter results for 2012 were decidely less than stellar, fortunately they came too early to see any impact from the start of sales for HTC’s new “One” line of products. According to Reuters, HTC is predicting their revenues will leap up by 55 percent in the second quarter of this year. A 55 percent jump in revenue would equal around $3.56… Read more

HTC One X: First Impressions and Gallery

Until Samsung show us its cards in just over a week’s time in London, the HTC One X is the device to beat. Its unibody design, fronted with an impressive 4.7-inch (720 x 1280) IPS display makes it an incredibly good looking phone in every aspect. The earpiece and loudspeaker don’t have the usual grill, instead, they’re covered with individually… Read more

AT&T HTC One X Pre-Orders Now Open, Ready To Take Your Money

If you’ve waited for the moment to finally are allowing you to place your pre-order for the HTC One X on AT&T, your wait is over. You can now head over to AT&T’s website and pre-order for just $199.99. Or if you’re looking to save a little extra cash, you can pre-order from Radio Shack and save yourself $50 bucks. Any AT&T customers… Read more