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HTC Weighing Options For Android 4.1 Device Updates

Today, HTC released a statement regarding the deployment of Android 4.1 on HTC devices.  The Taiwanese-based company released the following statement: We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices.  We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned… Read more

HTC To Stop All Sales in Brazil

Despite the prediction that Brazil will become a Top 5 smartphone market by 2016, HTC is expected to scrap it’s plans to bring the One series to the country.  The sales numbers have been disappointing and consequently, HTC is looking to stop sales altogether in Brazil.  When asked about HTC exiting Brazil, and HTC representative told AndroidPit that… Read more

Consumer Reports Gives The HTC One Series Top Marks

It’s not often that we refer back to Consumer Reports these days, as their smartphone rankings are often quite different than how we, as “bloggers” like to review our devices. Still, their morning news report caught my eye as they gave the HTC One series some top marks against the competition. The report did highlight that the HTC One phones aren’t… Read more

HTC One Versus DSLR Images, Can You Spot The Difference?

HTC wants to put your knowledge of photography to the test with a series of 10 photos, identifying which one of two images was with a smartphone. Can you spot the difference between a professional digital camera image and one taken by HTC’s One smartphone series? I’m eager to take this challenge myself to see if I can’t spot the difference. I don’t… Read more

HTC CEO Says US Market Recovery Will “Be Difficult”

HTC’s flagship devices are about to land on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and with plenty of hype, marketing and interest. Still, HTC CEO Peter Chou isn’t convinced the company will easily regain lost market-share in the United States. HTC may be predicting a 55% jump in revenue for the second quarter of 2012, but that won’t be on the back of sales in the… Read more

HTC Predicting 55% Revenue Jump For Second Quarter 2012, Hints At Strong “One” Sales

HTC’s first quarter results for 2012 were decidely less than stellar, fortunately they came too early to see any impact from the start of sales for HTC’s new “One” line of products. According to Reuters, HTC is predicting their revenues will leap up by 55 percent in the second quarter of this year. A 55 percent jump in revenue would equal around $3.56… Read more