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HTC releases an updated Ice Cream Sandwich update list

As per usual, another company has come forward and released yet another list of devices that will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. This isn’t HTC’s first time, either. The manufacturer is certainly trying to keep everyone informed as to which devices will be upgraded to the latest version of Android. You can check out the full list below. DROID… Read more

HTC Rhyme for O2 an exclusive deal, available now

So while Verizon was quick to rock the HTC Rhyme here in the States, it looks like HTC isn’t going to keep the charm-equipped device away from at least a few international folks. The HTC Rhyme is available now for O2 in the UK, and as usual you can expect a wide assortment of different plans to go along with your new phone, which will effectively change the… Read more

HTC Rhyme for Verizon up to 50 percent off through Facebook

We’re all about unique ways to get a good chunk of change removed from our phone purchases, and Verizon has come up with quite the idea with the HTC Rhyme. The wireless carrier is offering up to a 50% discount on the latest release from HTC, the purple-themed phone for women which really isn’t a phone for women at all. There’s a catch, though, as there… Read more

HTC Rhyme officially announced

While the device in question has been running around the Internet as the HTC Bliss for a few months now, the manufacturer has finally decided to pull the curtain off their brand new, accessory-focused device, and have changed the name. It’s now known as HTC Rhyme, and just as we’ve heard in the past, it is indeed coming to Verizon here soon. It will also be… Read more