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HTC renders provide first look at 10-inch “Puccini”

Freshly leaked online, PocketNow has their hands on a set of renders from HTC that provide a first time look at several new Android devices still in the pipes. Perhaps the most interesting of the renders, the device you see above is rumored to be HTC’s 10-inch Honeycomb tablet known as Puccini. There isn’t much else available on this new tablet, but… Read more

Two new HTC phones surface in the wild: Rider and Kingdom

Two perviously unknown HTC handsets have made their way into the wild today, going by the code-names Rider and Kingdom. As far as the Rider goes, other than what you can barely make out in the picture above, nothing is known. The handset looks to be some sort of mixture between the Sensation and Evo, sporting something along the lines of a 4-inch+… Read more