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HTC Amaze 4G finally official, landing October 12 for $259.99

Earlier today we saw the HTC Amaze 4G official press images find their way online, but without an official announcement from HTC or T-Mobile USA. That’s finally changed, though, as the wireless carrier has finally made the handset official. With a new image to go along with the announcement, no less. The Amaze 4G will be positioned as another high-end… Read more

HTC Amaze 4G images break cover, offer up obvious T-Mobile branding

HTC and T-Mobile USA may be keeping quiet on the Amaze 4G, but that’s not stopping the images from landing on the Internet. We’re certainly looking at the same handset we’ve seen in the past, with that white and silver back panel, along with that 4.3-inch display on display. Interestingly enough, these images also come with a tidbit of information that may… Read more

HTC Amaze 4G poses for another batch of photos, shows off curves

For those of you subscribed to T-Mobile USA, or even those of you who saw the original batch of photos of the HTC Amaze 4G and are thinking about switching to T-Mobile USA, then you’ll be pretty excited to look at the phone all over again. This version isn’t boasting the same white coating as the original images, but it’s definitely the same phone. The… Read more

HTC Ruby and Samsung Hercules rumored to launch October 26

The HTC Ruby and Samsung Hercules are starting to get a bit more attention in the rumor mill, which makes sense considering their rumored specifications. While the HTC Ruby may or may not be the next high-end device to hit the market (rumors are starting to point that it will be a high-end smartphone), the Samsung Hercules is certainly positioned to be one… Read more

HTC Ruby poses for the camera

Details of the HTC Ruby are still pretty scant at the moment, but it looks like the device doesn’t mind getting some camera time now and again. With this latest image, we get to see what the device will look like up close and personal, showing all of its gentle curves and shiny details. As we can see from the image, the device is certainly manufactured by… Read more