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HTC Sensation 4G landing June 8?

Leaks happen. It’s a part of the industry in some aspect. And while we may usually learn of a release date or device, or both, from an inventory screen or pamphlet, this time around it seems that Google AdWords is the reason we may have a lock on when the recently announced HTC Sensation 4G will be hitting store shelves. According to a recent hit, AdWords… Read more

HTC’s Sense 3.0 coming only to new handsets

When you’re talking about Android and HTC, it’s almost impossible not to mention the manufacturer’s proprietary user interface, called Sense. Many people believe it’s one of the reasons Android hit it off so well. And if you purchased the HTC EVO Shift, or even the HTC ThunderBolt recently you may think that your device is well-equipped to get any… Read more