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HTC Sense 4.1 Possibly Leaked From Custom ROM

It appears we may be one step closer to HTC’s next iteration of the Sense interface.  HTC phone modder guru, Football, has acquired a leaked version of the Sense 4.1 ROM upgrade utility(RUU) and has integrated it into his Maximus firmware for the international version of the One X.  The 4.1 update appears to remove the lag present in the launcher and… Read more

HTC One X passes through the FCC

Looks like it isn’t just the ASUS-branded tablet getting some love from the FCC. The One X by HTC has officially passed through the FCC’s labyrinth, and with it it shows off those AT&T bands so necessary to launch on Big Blue’s network this year. Unfortunately, while it would be great to learn some interesting secret about HTC’s next flagship device,… Read more

HTC’s Chief Product Officer admits Sense got too cluttered

Over the years, HTC’s Sense UI has become something of a conundrum. After all, it started the proprietary user interface movement within the Android market, and it is widely admitted that Sense brought Android into the public eye with its easy to use functionality, plus other features. But, that’s changed, as Sense has become something of a bloated piece of… Read more