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HTC Vigor poses for the camera

The HTC Vigor (or Incredible HD or Rezound, whatever you want to call it today) has finally managed to pose for Mr. Blurrycam. It was bound to happen, sure, but we don’t imagine anyone would have thought it would take this long. But, here it is, showcasing all of its rounded edges and huge display for the world to see. Sure, it looks like a mix between a… Read more

HTC Vigor press images leak out

While we’re still waiting for HTC or Verizon to come clean on the HTC Vigor (or ThunderBolt 2), we’ve got to deal with waiting for leaks. Thankfully, we’ve got quite the leak today. Thanks to Pocketnow, the HTC Vigor has finally shown off those fancy press images, showcasing the device’s large display and sleek design. Even if ‘HTC’ wasn’t positioned… Read more

HTC Vigor to be branded as ThunderBolt 2, Samsung Prime replacing the DROID Charge

So at the tail-end of last night, a piece of paper began to make its way around the Internet. Now, that in itself isn’t all that news worthy, but what this paper had on it is. As the story goes, a Best Buy employee somewhere out there was handed a piece of paper by a Verizon representative. On it, there were a bunch of phones listed, with arrows in between… Read more