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HTC Thunderbolt software leak

Well, that was fast. CES hasn’t even wrapped up and the software from Verizon’s upcoming HTC Thunderbolt, announced yesterday, has been released in the Android Central forums. The RUU is over 500MB, thanks in part to a 140MB golf game. But I’m sure the software will be trimmed down and adjusted for flashing on various aging Androids out there. Get ready… Read more

CES: HTC and Verizon launch the Thunderbolt

This announcement doesn’t rank in the list of CES shockers. We’ve known about Thunderbolt for some time and recently some very will timed and well shot photos boosted the hype surrounding this HTC LTE device in the days leading up to CES. But now it’s official: HTC’s Sense-rocking LTE gadget will be launched on Verion…sometime. No pricing or… Read more

HTC Thunderbolt and Inspire 4G outed in Rolling Stone

HTC has taken an immense amount of pride in being first-to-market when it comes to 4G. They did it with the EVO 4G on Sprint, the G2 on T-Mobile, and they’ll continue the tradition with the Thunderbolt on Verizon and Inspire 4G on AT&T. The Verizon Thunderbolt has already been leaked in just about every way possible for the last couple months now, but… Read more

Purported HTC Thunderbolt specs impressive

Holy schnikies! We. knew HTC’s upcoming Thunderbolt device would rock, but a new inventory system leak pushes the devices specs over the edge–in a “wow!” almost believable kind of way; nothing too far-fetched. But there are questions about whether or not the listed processor will be ready in time. A German website called HTC Inside has a snap from a “big… Read more

HTC Thunderbolt photos galore

When it comes to Verizon leaks, I know that Droid-Life can be counted on. So when I see them posting a dozen promo shots, one with a THUNDER BOLT graphic superimposed on the screen of the device, I expect the information contained therein to be accurate. And since this device will be launched officially at CES, it seems appropriate that such images would be… Read more