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8 Android phones exhibit security flaws in pre-installed apps

Researchers at North Carolina State released a study recently wherein they evaluated the security configurations of popular Android devices from Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. The study revealed that the manufacturers did not properly implement Google’s native security protocols. This lapse in secure implementation has led to phones not properly protecting… Read more

HTC Wildfire S for metroPCS announced

The Wildfire S from HTC isn’t a new phone by any means, but it’s getting a breath of new life here shortly. The regional carrier metroPCS has announced that the device will be heading to their network this week. For those on the carrier that want a phone with the latest version of Android, but don’t mind a whole heaping mound of specifications in the other… Read more

HTC Flyer, HTC Wildfire S and HTC Hero S launching in October

For those of you under US Cellular’s network wing, you may be eager to hear that the regional carrier is getting geared up to launch three brand new Android-powered devices next month. If you’re in the mood for a 7-inch tablet device, then the HTC Flyer will suit your needs. There’s also a mid-range device in that of the HTC Wildfire S, or the semi-high-end… Read more

The HTC S line: Desire, Wildfire, and Incredible S

What do you do when you finally run out of phone names? Why add a letter to the end of old names of course! It worked with the DROID and Galaxy line of devices, and HTC is gonna go with it for three of their new devices: The Desire S, the Incredible S, and the Wildfire S. Desire S The Desire S is yet another follow up to the incredibly popular… Read more