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HTC EVO Design 4G Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich

It was only this morning that the Sprint HTC EVO 3D began receiving Ice Cream Sandwich and now the HTC EVO Design 4G is in for its own tasty treat. The update brings Android 4.0.3 skinned with HTC Sense 3.6 and it comes in at a hefty 256MB. HTC says that the update brings: A refined, evolved user interface that is simple, beautiful and useful Face… Read more

Rogers HTC One X Receiving Update To Correct Wi-Fi Issues

HTC One X folk on Rogers can begin celebrating as a new update has finally been pushed to the device to help fix some of the Wi-Fi issues that it’s been experiencing. It bumps the software to version to version 1.94.631.3 and weighs in at 67MB. Along with fixing the Wi-Fi issues, it also improves HTC’s MediaLink. It certainly sounds like something that… Read more

Sprint EVO 3D Begins Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update

If you have an HTC EVO 3D and can’t wait any longer for Ice Cream Sandwich… it seems you don’t have to. Android Central’s forums are reporting that they’re seeing the update right now. Now it may take a bit for everybody’s phone to find the update; however, it’s a good sign that people are seeing it at all. If you have an EVO 3D, go ahead and check… Read more

HTC Closes South Korean Office

HTC, today, has decided it will be closing its office in South Korea. Apparently, competition is just too stiff in Samsung’s home country. It doesn’t come as a surprise though, as HTC has had financial issues as of late. Also, Canalys analysts believe that HTC had only a mere 1% of the South Korean market share even with its well-acclaimed One line. To… Read more

HTC Explains Decision To Hold Off On Android 4.0 For Desire HD, Says It’d Rather Not Wipe Your Data

HTC told users last week that it would not be upgrading the Desire HD to Ice Cream Sandwich due to lackluster performance. Today however, the company is revising its statement, saying that it doesn’t want users to lose their data during the upgrade process. To load Android 4.0 on the Desire HD, the internal storage would have to be repartitioned,… Read more

HTC Encodes Framework Images With Proprietary Algorithm

Sense 3.5 introduced a new problem for themers, and it has continued with newer versions of the software. Most of the framework images are not a simple JPG or PNG, like other devices. They are encoded with an unknown and proprietary algorithm, so no developers can modify them. Developers have been working for months to figure it out, but there has… Read more

Kernel Source Finally Outed For AT&T HTC One X

After months of waiting, the kernel source for the AT&T HTC One X has been outed.  One X developers and owners are literally rejoicing.  What does this mean for you?  Unless you’re a kernel developer, nothing immediately.  However, instead of repackaging kernels to work with custom roms, now developers can build their own custom kernels…. Read more

HTC Era 42 For T-Mobile Will Be One X+

The HTC Era 42, a phone headed to T-Mobile, has been confirmed to be the HTC One X+. The + in the One X+ probably signifies the chip inside, the Tegra 3 plus. It will be clocked at 1.7 GHz and probably contain their new dedicated modem for HSPA+ 42. This lines up with an old rumor that the HTC One X would be launching on T-Mobile. HTC has only had a… Read more