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HTC’s April Revenue Rises A Bit With Release Of The One

As we all know by now, HTC’s profits have been steadily declining. Their success as a company is riding on the HTC One, and with the release of its unaudited revenue for the month of April, it seems to be working. HTC took in $660 million in April, a significant increase over the $540 million it earned in March. And considering that the HTC One came out… Read more

Red HTC One Shows Up Again, Random Retailer This Time Around

They said it was a mistake. A random coder putting up the red version of the HTC One accidentally, and quickly taking it down. But we don’t think so. We think there is more to the red HTC One. Someone took the time to design the mock up, and now it has shown up on another website, with its own sales page. It’s listed as out of stock, so you can’t buy… Read more

HTC Re-Uploads The Design Story Of The HTC One

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fSkbIb60l1s Now whether you’re a fan of the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (or even both), you have to appreciate the One’s all metal design. HTC re-uploaded their video describing the design and manufacturing of the HTC One body, probably in response to Samsung posting their design story. This… Read more

HTC One First Impressions

“A rush of anticipation coursed through my body as I flew up to my room and slammed the door shut. I sat down at my desk and slowly opened the box to reveal the stunning contents. There it lay, the HTC One, clad in its beautiful aluminum unibody. The most beautifully sophisticated phone that my eyes had ever feasted upon.” That’s about the briefest… Read more

Early Adopters, How Are You Liking Your Ones and S 4s?

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks with two of the most popular Android device manufacturers releasing their flagship devices: The HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4.  The One was able to get a little bit of head start on the S 4 being released on Friday, April 19th for Sprint and AT&T and T-Mobile only days later.  This last weekend, the S 4… Read more