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Deal: HTC One S Sale At Costco Includes $25 Costco Cash Card

If you’re looking for a better deal on the HTC One S come April 25th, Costco is currently offering the best deal we can find. Not only will you save on T-Mobile’s mail-in rebate, you’ll also pay $10 less than Best Buy’s price of $199.99. That’s right, Costco plans to unleash the HTC One S for just $189.99 and include a $25 Costco cash card with purchase…. Read more

HTC One S Hitting T-Mobile April 25

We already knew that the HTC One S was already headed to T-Mobile, as well as everything about the device. The one thing that eluded us was the price point and date of release, but that’s not the case any more. T-Mobile just sent us the press release for their latest Beats-enabled device, and the launch date will be one week from today, April 25. We have… Read more

HTC Says His Company Remains Committed To Beats Audio

HTC’s $300 million investment in Beats by Dre Audio presented HTC with an opportunity to brand future devices with the welcoming Beats Audio logo on the back. Now, in the face of turmoil inside the company, HTC’s CEO says the company is sticking to its commitment to the brand: “Media speculation that ties this announcement to HTC’s partnership and… Read more

Can The Galaxy Nexus Save Sprint?

It’s no secret that Sprint is struggling as a network, with many users reporting poor 3G speeds and a weak 4G network. On top of that, they are now making the switch from WiMax to LTE, a move that will either make or break the carrier. Sprint was once a premiere Android carrier, with the EVO 4G, the best phone of its time. Since then there hasn’t been an… Read more

HTC Golf Leaked Press Shot Shows Off Entry Level Android

HTC newest entry-level smartphone running Android 4.0 codenamed HTC “Golf,” thought to launch as the HTC Wildfire C later this year has surfaced courtesy of PocketNow. The Golf rests somewhere below the three members of the HTC One series — although you may notice a few design styles similar to the One series. The Golf is said to have a 3.5″ 480 x 320… Read more

Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE Hits The FCC One More Time

With the HTC EVO 4G LTE already official on Sprint, we’re not really sure what else we can gleam from the halls of the FCC. For the FCC geeks out there though, you’ll be happy to know we’ve determined the EVO 4G sports LTE on network Band 25. There’s also the usual selection of CDMA 2000, WiFi and Bluetooth radio we’ve come to expect from even the most… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible 4G Spotted In The Wild

At this point we can’t say we know very much about the next-generation device in Verizon’s DROID Incredible lineup. There have been rumors here and rumors there, but nothing all that concrete about the DROID Incredible 4G except for a name. The boys at Android Police are working to change that however, as a “trusted source” has swooped in with a bunch… Read more