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And finally, a decent video review of Nexus One

Oh man, have I been waiting for this. There’s nothing mind-blowing going on here (in the sense that we’ve been able to piece together the contained information through lesser leaks), but this is the first coherent, cohesive walk-through of the Nexus One. Thank you to the poster from PointGPhone, and thanks for posting in English. It is much appreciated…. Read more

“Google Phone” will be supported by Google and HTC

Just when you think the new year couldn’t get any better, TMoNews releases a leaked screen shot of T-Mobiles Streamline, informing employees of the up coming “Google Phone”. The screen shot has bullet points noting: Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC. T-Mobile will offer service… Read more

Some Nexus One NEWS, finally!

I am happy to announce that the time of fuzzy images, all-to-short video clips, and tiny bursts of almost irrelevant information regarding Google’s first company-branded device are almost over. This morning, TMoNews published a leak from magenta’s Intranet indicating that a new Android phone was coming from Google and that the demarcation of T-Mobile… Read more

Hero 1.5 ROM for Cliq coming soon?

It seems like we’re covering a lot of geeky hacks and mods lately, but that happens to be where some of the most exciting Android news is going down at the moment. But have no fear, I’m sure to return from CES in a week-and-a-half with all sorts of juicy on the new handsets. Until then, we’ve got plenty of rumors, buzz, and clever ways of getting more out… Read more

T-Mobile G1 to recieve 2.x OTA

It seems like a few of you may be getting your Christmas wish after all. Sources say that Android 2.0 and 2.0.1 have already been prepared as OTA updates and are ready for release come next year. This will come as a relief to many as it was once believed that the Eclair update would be too big for the G1′s internal memory that had been set aside for the… Read more

Vid: Espresso ROM running on GSM Hero

At the beginning of the month, an Android hacker discovered a load of HTC codenames buried in a ROM. And though Espresso didn’t turn up in the following week’s leak – an HTC roadmap replete with device photos – we did get a look at the handset’s profile. Espresso is the Sense-equipped follow-up to HTC’s ground-breaking Hero. This time around, it will… Read more

Nexus One full spec list

Nexus One Spec Sheet 1

The Nexus One has been propelled into the spotlight and has dominated the Blogosphere for nearly two weeks now with speculation about what this Golden Child of Google will be bringing along with it. The good news is that Engadget has stepped in to bring a halt to the guessing games with a full list of the Nexus one’s Specifications. The bad news is that you… Read more

HTC’s Sixth Sense: The next gen of Androids

O.K., so “Sixth Sense” might not be entirely accurate because the Magic has been upgraded, becoming the sixth HTC Sense device. But the name still works because this video is all about spying stuff that doesn’t officially exist. Specifically, the next generation of Android devices. I don’t have one of those so I used a WinMo phone instead. You can tell that… Read more

My Eris video collection

Between my coverage for PhoneDog and DroidDog, I’ve made a total of six videos about HTC’s Eris. Wow, really? From the unboxing to a camera walk-through, from widgets to your questions and requests, it’s all right here. I thought it might be helpful to gather them all in one place for holiday shopping research. I hope you enjoy it! Sense, Widgets, and… Read more

HTC Eris OTA update rolling out

As reported by BGR, Verizon started sending out the update to a limited number of subscribers around Midnight this morning. Over the coming days, the list of recipiants will grow exponentially. The ROM is 1.16.605.1 and the radio version is Here is a list of intended improvements: While on a call and the device is in screensaver mode,… Read more