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UPDATE: HTCDev.com unlocks all post 09/2011 phones.

We’ve been reporting recently that several HTC devices have been added to the list of unlockable phones on HTC’s developer portal. Well, turns out that the portal can unlock all phones that have been released after September of 2011. That may indicate that phones that are released in the near future will make it on the list, no questions asked (so to… Read more

HTC Rezound now ready for unlocking at HTCDev.com

HTCDev.com, HTC’s developer portal, has been bringing official unlocks to HTC phones everywhere. Recently, we saw the Rezound pop up then get pulled shortly after. No clarification on motivations were available from the manufacturer side, but hey, they rectified it this morning. Visiting the HTCDev.com site today will reveal that the Rezound unlock is… Read more