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HTC Dream has bootloader unlocked courtesy of HTCDev

While there are some new phones out there that many people would like to see added to HTCDev’s list of devices that can have their bootloader unlocked, HTC is making sure that they cover all their bases. And what better way to do that than by adding a device that no one out there is probably using all that much anymore. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen,… Read more

HTC Hero, Legend, DROID Eris, myTouch 3G and myTouch 4G added to Unlock Bootloader list

Yesterday, HTC’s official HTCDev Twitter account revealed that a few new devices had been added to the manufacturer’s developer page. For owners of HTC-branded devices who enjoy tinkering with their devices, having an unlocked bootloader is a key step in that process. Last year, HTC confirmed that the HTCDev page would be the go-to location for those who… Read more

HTC announces OpenSense program at HTCdev.com

Today, June 2nd, HTC has announced a new website that will be hosting some interesting tools (sometime in the future) aimed at helping developers feel right at home with Sense UI. The website is HTCdev.com, and the tools will be available in the HTCdev Developer Center as the OpenSense SDK. From HTCdev: The HTC OpenSense SDK will allow developers… Read more