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HTCSense.com to shut down April 30, may get a few people mad

For those unaware, HTC actually does have its own cloud service aside from Dropbox, apart of the HTCSense.com services. From our understanding, it saved information like contacts, messages and other information from users who opted into the service on their HTC phone. For those who actually use the service, we have bad news, as HTC will be shutting down the… Read more

CES: ATT will get HTC’s new Sense UI via the Inspire 4G

If you’ve been waiting for HTC’s new Sense UI to come to the States, along with it’s support for HTCSense.com and HTC Hub, your time has come. Well, almost. AT&T declared today that they are planning on introducing a dozen new Androids this year. Yowza! The tweet featured CES tags, but I doubt we’ll be hearing about twelve new Androids from AT&T this… Read more

HTC Sense web service is live at HTCSense.com

HTC showed off a few weeks ago their newest version of Sense UI and the online service to complement it, HTCSense.com. The website is now live, so those lucky Desire Z and Desire HD owners should head on over and check it out. We still don’t have word on whether devices without the latest version of HTC’s overlay will eventually be able to take advantage of… Read more

Desire HD and HTCSense.com shown off in promo video

HTC Desire HD

HTC is continuing to captivate the Android community. They started yesterday by announcing two new GSM phones, as well as an update to their custom UI, HTC Sense, and a new online service that integrates with it. One of those phones, the HTC Desire HD, gets an official promo video today showing off some new features. The presentation is professional, of… Read more