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TeleNav makes the switch to HTML 5

One of the most popular location-based service provider is TeleNav. For those that know, TeleNav is a popular and widely-used navigation application tool. Looks like starting today, they might be gettin a lot more users. TeleNav announced today that they made the switch to HTML 5, at least in terms of your browser-based navigation needs. In addition, they… Read more

YouTube Adds HTML5 1080p Playback, Tests New Flash Features

Most internet users are not too fond of Adobe Flash. In fact a campaign called “Occupy Flash” has started which urges users to remove Flash completely from their devices. We’re not quite that aggressive, but we like it when sites move towards HTML5. YouTube is the next site to transition more towards HTML5. The latest features added to YouTube’s HTML5… Read more

OK Go’s new video a Chrome delight

OK Go has had enormous success, due largely to the online popularity of their videos. The Rube Goldberg-inspired This Too Shall Pass and the virally explosive Here it Goes Again achieved the perfect combination of catchy tunes and funny/mesmerizing visuals for a guaranteed Internet sensation. But unlike their previous videos, which garnered praise… Read more

Gmail web app gains 44 new languages for mobile devices

Despite recent, fairly significant updates to the Android Gmail application, the Google Mobile Blog still proclaims that “The mobile webapp version of Gmail (which you can get to by going to gmail.com in your browser) is the best way to get the most Gmail features on your iPhone or Android-powered device.” But the web app was only the best option for mobile… Read more