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Huawei Honor launching with Ice Cream Sandwich in China

The Huawei Honor was officially announced last month, and with it the showcase of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the device. So while plenty of people were already excited to get their hands on the high-end device, that little bit of news was just icing on the cake. And now the wait is over. The Honor is finally shipping in China, and yes, Ice… Read more

Huawei Mercury for Cricket Wireless officially announced

While Cricket has a few Android devices on offer right now, none of them really stand out like the Huawei Mercury. The device has been officially announced by the regional carrier, with an expected availability date of today. By far this is the best Android device the contract-free carrier has ever offered, so if you’re under the network’s wing or plan to… Read more

Huawei Glory for Cricket passes the FCC gauntlet

We’ve actually seen the Huawei Glory before. When we did, though, it had a different name (a name that may still see international waters). Under the guise of the Huawei Glory for Cricket, the Honor is indeed a high-end device heading for the regional carrier, Cricket, as we can see from the pretty obvious branding on the back of the device. The image… Read more