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Orange Tahiti now available in the UK

Orange is a carrier that doesn’t mind using manufacturer’s hardware to promote their own name, just as we’ve seen with Android-powered smartphones in the past. Now they’re aiming their sights on a tablet with the Orange Tahiti, which is actually manufactured by Huawei. The Tahiti is a 7-inch tablet, and has been seen here in the States as the T-Mobile… Read more

T-Mobile SpringBoard lands a launch date, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 goes along for the ride

While T-Mobile has been perfectly open about their upcoming tablet devices, they have been remarkably shy when it comes to need-to-know pieces of information, like a launch date and price tag. While we’re still missing the price on both tablet devices, we’ve at least got the launch dates for both. The Huawei-manufactured T-Mobile SpringBoard will launch… Read more